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About Us

Uc Chau Corporation is a company specializing in financial services business such as Cash Loan, Life Insurance, Non-life insurance and Collection. Our mission is to  "Bring values to customers", that’s why Fservices has taken our effort  in both human resource and working process to build a brand trusted by customers through products and services provided by us. Customers’ belief and motivation during 3 years will be an encouragement for our path of growth and development.


Uc Chau Corporation was established in March 2015, is one of companies importing and distributing genuine lubricants from Australia with turnover up to 1 million USD per year. From July 2018, our Company has begun to deploy a new business line related to financial - insurance advisory services and debt collection. The model is a new way on which we desire to penetrate the potential and challengeable financial market in Vietnam, contributing into bringing modern banking services closer to the Vietnamese.



For our customers: We wish to become one of the leading units which accompanies with domestic and overseas financial institutions to bring the Vietnamese qualified financial products together with high-valued services.
For our partners: We will be a powerful hand, together with partners to create values and revenue based on comprehensive and prestigious commitments of cooperation,.
For our staff: We expect to provide our employees with the most up-to-date working standards, ensuring to maintain our business operation in sustainability, safety, efficiency and transparency.



Fservices is proud of our founders, leaders and managers who are passionate,  professionals and experienced in the fields of finance, banking, insurance and international trade with decades of experience years executing in large and small financial institutions, . They are core elements entrusted to move Fservices ahead to the peak of success  at present and in future.

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